First Sunday of Crazy Fad Diet

First Sunday of Crazy Fad Diet

Okay so tonight is the first Sunday since I started this crazy fad diet shit.
So I wanted to compare my measurements and here it goes:

Date Weight Bust Waist Hips Biceps Thighs
August 25th 260lbs 50.5″ 44″ 54″ 17″ 31″
September 1st 260lbs 51″ 43.5″ 55″ 17″ 30.5″

So apparently nothing has really changed. The slight discrepancy in my thigh measurement could be just from me measuring myself like an idiot or if riding my recumbent bike while working and watching TV is doing a little something (I can dream can’t I?!!).
Otherwise I could definitely be eating better.
Still drinking, which beer is the worst for diets, I should quit that.
But whatever I am not feeling much different on this stuff than when I am doing nothing.
I will still finish out this month.
Owe that to myself at least, to finish this crazy diet, which was probably a bad idea, spending money on things I won’t finish really bothers me.
Check back in next Sunday, see if I try any harder eating better and drinking less if that helps show some more results.

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UPDATE: 4/7/14
I found this article recently about minimal side effects and ingredients typical in pure green coffee vitamins. Does Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Cause Side Effects? In looking this over I’m pretty sure the type of pure green coffee I ordered wasn’t “legit” or as legitimate as this article makes it seem. Just still sticking to the fact that this diet didn’t work out well for me.