Crazy Fad Diet.

Crazy Fad Diet.

Tomorrow I am going to start some weirdo fad diet that’s all over the internet.
It might be a total disaster but I figured I would document it, at least for myself to see if the false internet facts were bullshit or not (check out the end of this article for the sites that I saw convincing me perhaps this was a good idea and for what bullshit happened after I ordered.)

Okay so this stuff is two different pills that I will take twice a day.
One is called “Super Green Coffee” by Bio Nutra (see bottle & pill)
The other is called “Premier Cleanse” (see bottle & pill)
I’m planning on taking one of each in the morning before I leave for work.
And one of each when I am home from work right before dinner.
There is 60 pills in each bottle, twice a day. So this is a 30 day regime.

So in order to see if there is any sort of change in my body, I will write blogs about my mood and/or changes in my body. And since this is the night before I am starting, I wanted to take all my measurements to properly assess the damage (or lack thereof) when all these pills are finished. *and I took notes so I can do the measurements properly a month from now.*

Weight: 260lbs (right on the nose hah)
Bust: 50.5″ (wearing my gray 38DD bra)
Waist:44″ (directly at my belly button)
Hips: 54″ (widest part like two inches above my crotch)
Right & Left Bicep: 17″ (center between elbow and shoulder)
Right & Left Thigh: 31″ (center between knee and crotch)

Alright so here’s some stupid crap:
I ordered both pills on a free trial August 10th and I paid $4.95 for each bottle (see receipts).
Once I ordered. I got some spam emails. Which is acceptable to me, I knew I’d get that crap, it’s like a give-in when you order something this ridiculous.

However, I kept getting phone calls from this number: 866-379-2003 (see screenshot)
I screen calls, it’s a habit I picked up after some bad boyfriends. So if I don’t have your number saved as a contact in my phone I typically don’t pick it up. I may listen to the voicemail if any is left. This particular number though wouldn’t leave any voicemails and called very often as you can see from the screenshot.

I guessed it was a telemarketer, a bad one at that. And I thought why not pick up. On two attempts to pick up the call after a ring or two, they HUNG UP ON ME! Total joke.
Third attempt, I actually talked to a real human woman! My voice dripping with sarcasm the whole time but she was polite, couldn’t answer why they would hang up on me after only two rings, but was nice all the same. “Just confirming your order of Super Green Coffee” some crap about how the bottle would arrive to me shortly and in the box will be vouchers that are all mine to use a value of $1000. (there was no such crap in the box whatsoever and that suits me just fine).
THEN after her script about all the typical stuff, she said “now I will transfer you over to a dedicated confirmation specialist, he will just confirm the information you entered when you ordered.” OKAY.

I heard the sound, knew I was transferred, immediately a dude starts talking super fast basically everything the woman said to me but much more in a “reading from a piece of paper” tone. He starts rattling off the information that I DID enter into the form to order the pills. Great good for him.
Then he says the last 4 digits of my credit card number and says “We just need to confirm the entire card number, so please go get the credit card you’ve used and I will make sure everything is in order” HA HA HA.

You fast talking jerkhole. May have worked, I guess on someone. At least one person I guess fell for that. I literally laughed at him “You could tell me everything off the form, but now you want me to read my entire credit card number back to you?” he legit said “yes and the csv security code off the back” hahaaahahaaa longer amount of laughing “There’s no way in hell I am going to give you my credit card number, you would already have it if this were really where I ordered from, you should be ashamed of yourself for trying to trick people and don’t ever call me again.” CLICK.
Obnoxious, scheming telemarketer con artists.
They haven’t called since.

Check out some of these possible crap bullshit sites:,,

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