Second Wednesday of Crazy Fad Diet

Second Wednesday of Crazy Fad Diet

I know this isn’t Sunday.
That today is actually Wednesday and I should have done this Sunday, but I remember thinking on Sunday that I should write this post but decided I was much to lazy and not in the mood to see no results of this silly fad diet… but knew for the sake of documentation I should do this so here we go:

Date Weight Bust Waist Hips Biceps Thighs
August 25th 260lbs 50.5″ 44″ 54″ 17″ 31″
September 1st 260lbs 51″ 43.5″ 55″ 17″ 30.5″
September 11th 260lbs 51″ 44.5″ 54.5″ 17″ 31″

No changes. Just a failure of taking exact measurements each time/fluctuations in “water weight” I am pooing. A LOT. but otherwise I don’t feel any different on these fad diet pills. Pretty much fail for me.

My friend Deanna just did some kind of new thing that you cover your body in and then wrap yourself in plastic wrap (like a chicken drumstick *watch The Full Monty if you don’t know that line*) She lost 6 whole inches from her stomach with just one 45 min wrap. I am going to look into this stuff further and perhaps do another documentation on that product.

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UPDATE 4/7/14:

Just look at this terrible ad, could this girl be anymore photoshopped? All I am happy to report is this crazy fad diet is seemingly not trending anymore.

I can’t seem to find any other blogs that express this fad diet worked or even these supplements giving anyone more energy. Like any real consumer reviews don’t seem to exist, if anyone has read any, please post a comment with a link to it! I’d love to do more research, since I still have two whole full bottles of the stuff. Maybe I can find some way to reuse em? Perhaps crushing them up and adding vinegar takes stains out of clothes? Cleans piano keys? Any use for them would be amazing haha