Day two of Crazy Fad Diet.

Day two of Crazy Fad Diet.

First day went off without a hitch.
Took two of each pill before I left for work.
No breakfast, just coffee which is my usual.
I ate my usual lunch of a lean cuisine came home, took the other two pills, ate grilled chicken, potatoes and salad, had a s’more for dessert around 9 while I worked.
Felt fine all day, perhaps more energetic but I bet that was just placebo effect, thinking that I am doing something that should make me feel different. And a friend of mine told me she had a lawyer friend who was on this pure green coffee stuff and almost lost his job from being super insane and peppy/aggressive (I assume). But I am so lazy that I bet this stuff will just make me normalish.

Today, the second day.
Feel absolutely the same. Not even shitting my brains out, which I had certainly thought I would be doing on this stupid cleanse stuff. I went for my yearly physical (which I haven’t had yearly in over 3 years) this morning before work and had my blood work taken, by next Wednesday I should be hearing back. I’m kind of excited because I will finally know what my blood type is, because I always forget to ask and I’ve never had surgery or been able to donate blood (something about always having had tattoos done within 6 months of being asked to donate).
On my ride home from work I felt sort of empty, but I think I was just hungry, not necessarily from the pills. Came home, took two more pills, ate some pasta, hot sausage and peppers. And now I am drinking beer. I may ride my recumbent bike as I work a little more or do some push-ups who knows. Maybe I really do feel more energetic.

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