Really Yummy Bean Dip

Really Yummy Bean Dip

It’s not that beautiful and the color is a little offputting but it really is delicious!
Highly recommend trying it, even with different beans, whatever you got really, I can imagine it’d be great.


  • Kidney beans 15.5oz can
  • Cannellini beans 15.5oz can
  • Great northern beans 15.5oz can
  • Apple cider vinegar 4TBS
  • Roasted Garlic about half a bulb (or more honestly, you can’t go wrong with garlic in my book!)
  • Herbs and spices you like lemon pepper, dill, italian seasoning… ect.

I let the beans sit in just the vinegar and seasonings for a few days, eating it just like that.

But then we ordered Mediterranean food for dinner and the white garlic sauce (which I just learned is called “Toum”, made of garlic, oil, lemon juice, and a pinch of salt) that came with the meal gave me an idea to blend the bean “salad” with roasted garlic cloves! I needed a little oil to coat the food processor and make a smoother result. This time I used coconut oil because it’s what I had on hand, but I’d most likely use extra virgin olive oil the next time to stay on theme with that Mediterranean diet.

Surprisingly delicious and since I’m looking for healthy options these days, it really fits the bill! I love it with some celery sticks!

Also to make this awesome nutrition panel, I used the calculator on which as far as I understand it, is free and super helpful searching for ingredients nutrition. It even does the math for you based on the servings the recipe makes! I tried to do this manually by looking up the nutrition but honestly it’s nuts trying to convert oz to grams and then servings total, I was getting myself all confused hah