Beverly Hills Housewife Book Review

Beverly Hills Housewife Book Review

Drinking and Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders
by Brandi Glanville

I recently hung out with my friend Ekaterina and while we were chatting, I noticed she had purchased the book that the Beverly Hills Housewife (Bravo TV show) Brandi Glanville, had written about her life/break up/social media/ex-husband/paparazzi/children, all of it.
So I asked to borrow it.

Once I brought it home, I knew my mom would want to read it because she watches the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills show more astutely than I do. So I gave it to her first, thinking she’d finish it in a day or two, NOPE. She’s only halfway through and it seems like she’ll never finish. Silly.

Today, the Sunday before labor day I figured what the hell. I can finish this book in a few hours. So I grabbed it and I was right. (I timed it at 2 hours and 15 minutes.)

The book was incredibly easy and fast to read.
Some of the chapters were interesting but also bland, probably because I’ve never been married and don’t really understand how much it could have hurt or how scuzzy a divorce can be or dealing with children or postpartum depression.

I preferred the chapters about how social media has changed the way people date and break up these days, probably because after my recent-ish break up with Charlie that social media aspect had definitely been a slight factor in my feelings towards the situation.

I also enjoyed her silly little hashtags at the ends of sentences. Goes with the theme of the book and how she openly dubs herself #TwitterWhore. And some of them, like the one I took a picture of for you, made me snort with laughter.

Overall the book was a fun read that made me think about how easy my break up was and how little I felt/how little I fought/how I didn’t go crazy after it ended. Which, hell, if her life was/is so crazy and messed up that she’s on TV making some good money, then my normal life should be and is doing well in the long run too.
The book also gave me the motivation to finally go through my Facebook friends list and delete the people I don’t like/don’t give a shit about #FuckYouImBetter :]

And now I am following her on twitter @BrandiGlanville

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  1. Ekat

    I’m glad you read it! I think it was a fun book. It’s nuts the things she does to look good. Like “vaginal rejuvenation.” Hey, at least she admits that she’s #shallow.

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