Finishing a Painting

Finishing a Painting

I’ve completed the painting.

Finishing a painting adding white
I added more white.

Finishing a painting adding more depth
I added more depth.

Finishing a painting adding whatever little touches made sense
I put in whatever seemed right.

Charlie and I no longer live together, so this painting doesn’t have a picture frame in mind. I may sell it, there has been some interest, although right now it’s just rolled up in the back seat, abandoned.

See where this painting started from.

UPDATE 4/7/14:
This is still rolled up and rubber banded, not stretched or framed, just lingering in the corner of my basement, taunting me to get rid of it. Perhaps when I get my new place I will hang it up somewhere, kind of as a reminder, that I started making this for a purpose that didn’t really pan out and how far I’ve gotten since I’ve finished it.

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