Paint Casual Cork Wedges

Paint Casual Cork Wedges

Every chick now a days has a pair of cork wedge shoes.
They are comfy and casual and in every store.

But if you want to make them fancier (and I did):
Scuff up the cork with some light grit sandpaper until whatever waxy coating comes off them.

Then grab some paint. I used a mix of two black acrylic paints because although acrylic is water soluble and you may think it’s no good for shoes, the cork without the waxy coating will absorb it and it’ll be perfect consistency going on.
(I assume if you use a lighter color or a more translucent color, like I’ve seen this done with some glow in the dark acrylics, the cork texture will show through more and look sick under black light)

One light coat first.
Don’t glob it all on at once, let the cork absorb and dry the first thin layer of paint.

Once totally dry, paint on the second layer.
You won’t need to have a heavy layer of paint here either. Try to make your brush strokes go in the same direction.

Let dry and viola. Your casual cork wedges are now just wedge heels.
Amazing, you can wear them to fancy weddings and stuff now (and I did).