Hurt my knee

Hurt my knee

So I twisted my right ankle and then fell on my left knee like an idiot Easter Sunday night. Been healing up since and I just kinda felt like this (knock on wood) has been the grossest injury I’ve ever had. I felt like going to the doctor would be a waste of my time, because what else could they tell me besides, rest up, ice it, and elevate it? Well maybe I should have gone to a doctor because it’s June 2nd today, 6th week after I fell and I woke up today it was stiff and sore and ultimately making me not want to get up and get my butt to work.


Fell: Sunday, April 20th

When I first fell, I dropped the cheesecake I was holding and the blood was spilling down my leg. Cheesecake was fine though haha! Had to clean all the gravel out of the cut, which was not great, felt like such a burden, bleeding on my friend’s linoleum, urg. It was painful to sleep, so worried I was going to bleed all over the bedding and the next mornings shower was immensely painful but I definitely wanted to get hot water right in the cuts to make sure it was clean. The whole week was so obnoxious, every time I bent my knee the scab opened up again and starts bleeding. I felt like the majority of the pain was coming from the scab ripping open rather than the bruises. I was very wrong.

A week later: Sunday, April 27th

Can’t believe how the hidden bruises surfaced only now and it’s even more sore than it was to begin with. The scab mostly stays put now, not bleeding anymore, I am dreaming of a pretty scar I will have. I was sitting on the couch crocheting with this bad knee elevated and my mother came over and asked if I had dirt on the side of my left foot. NOPE not dirt, just a terrible bruise that I didn’t notice until this day, darkening my foot and making me think, oh yeah it does hurt over there.


Two weeks from that: Sunday, May 11th

Finally the scab is gone, still bruised up. Grateful that the scab is gone though, every time I showered, the scab would turn into gross mush yellowed at the edges and just overall hideous to behold until it dried. Innerness is still bruised. Can’t really kneel yet, still painful. I really don’t feel it during the day or walking around anymore, only in the mornings I guess after being so sedimentary with sleep it like locks up and feels tight for the first 20 minutes or so as I get ready.

Hopefully though, since I have very good plan to get back on my route to exercise and health that was spurred on by taking that Advocare 24 Day Challenge (I still need to write this post/review on this diet). I will be back to my 100%, probably even better than what I think my 100% is. Plan on swimming, bike riding and just making myself go for walks! I downloaded god knows how many apps on my phone to provide myself every option of tracking my movement and make sure I stay on plan with getting healthier and therefore happier? That’s kinda how that works right? I definitely want to help more people out, fundraisers/charities/maybe just be nicer in general, do what I love (going to take a tattoo workshop, bettering myself while meeting new people), make sure bunnies are involved in some way and just become someone I really am proud of.

Way to go knee, you haven’t defeated my whole life.