Huge Wall Hole is Now FIXED!

Huge Wall Hole is Now FIXED!

There had been a huge hole in a wall in our living room for about 6 months. Maybe more.
I hated the hole so much. So so much.
So I finally went to the hardware store and bought what I needed to fix it.
The man who helped me let me know I didn’t have to use sheet rock, just use this amazing wire mesh that has adhesive on the back!

You can see from the picture above, it was really easy to use, just kinda stuck it all over and cut it to fit the hole.
Our hole was so big I had to use three 8″x8″ sheets of the stuff.

Then once the metal sheets are all in place, you cover with a light coat of compound.
And once that first coat dries, your wall is pretty sturdy again, and you can then coat over it until it’s smooth.
Let it dry completely and sand it, then paint.

And VIOLA! No more hole.

I was so proud of myself and very very happy the bane of my existence black hole didn’t exist anymore.

Also, the funniest part was while I was fixing the hole,
Charlie was face-timing from his phone to his parents iPad, and they were asking him what I was doing!
Kind of like icing on the cake.