As of Today

As of Today

As of today I have:

  • 2 eyes
  • 2 ears
  • 0 glasses (I had laser eye surgery earlier this year and it’s pretty amazing)
  • 10 fingers
  • 10 toes
  • 20 painted nails
  • 12 piercings:
    • 2 cheek piercings
    • 1 nose piercing
    • 4 earrings on my left (1 tragus, 3 lobe)
    • 5 earrings on my right (1 lobe, 3 outer-snug/anti-tragus, 1 rook)
  • 17 tattoos (4 of them bunny related):
    • 2 on my head (lace and heart)
    • 0 on my chest
    • 0 on my back
    • 3 on my left arm (elements and 2 bunnies)
    • 1 on my right arm (skull, line work only right now)
    • 3 on my stomach (tribal, flowers which were my first tattoo ever, and one bunny)
    • 1 on my left hip (mechanical wings, line work only for years now)
    • 3 on my left thigh (elf, bunny pinup, moon)
    • 4 on my right thigh (sun, ambigram, birds, elf)
  • 2 parents
  • 2 brothers (1 in Seattle and the other stayed in Jersey with us)
  • 2 sisters-in-law
  • 1 nephew/godson (another by christmas :))
  • 1 job
  • 1 part time apprenticeship
  • 4 hobbies:
    • painting my nails
    • crocheting
    • drawing/painting/art
    • dumb internet app game playing
  • 0 boyfriends
  • 3 prospects (but I think I’m terrible at determining)
  • 160 contacts in my phone:
    • 2 close friends whom I could call whenever
    • Only about 10 of which I ever interact with via the phone (not including my aforementioned 2)
    • Then (as a guess) maybe 80 of them I see sporadically every 3 months, acquaintances, friends of friends, people who needed my number or visa versa at some point, or been stuck in a mass group texting with me so I saved their number in case I cared to know who they were in the mass text for next time.
    • Then of the remaining 68, a quarter of those are probably stores or food places, 40% work contacts, and 35% are definitely online dating idiot/dick pic-er/charming/hilarious fools which I rarely clean off my phone, because god forbid I be extremely mean (as I like to do on occasion) then forget about it and they try to text me in this lifetime ever again (although that’s clearly happened, and it lead to only more funny meanness.)

Hmmm. What else? I’d guess today has a few more material things I can list.

  • 1 bedroom (but my stuff takes up about 3 rooms)
  • 0 property (and only about two pieces of actual furniture which I’d consider mine)
  • Electronics:
    • 2 laptops
    • 0 desktops
    • 2 tablets
    • 5 cell phones (1 of which is my day to day the rest are for work testing)
    • 1 apple tv and 1 amazon tv
    • 1 wii console with about 5 “games” (I know at least two of them are fitness/workout “games” which, I’ve only ever used twice ever, but think about once a year at least. And the only game I care about is Zelda Twilight Princess and I’d love to have the time to play it and actually beat it! So it’s on my goals list for about 6 years now hah. Although I recall I’m at the yeti’s house all snowy, trying to beat up that dinosaur looking guard dude, maybe that’s about halfway through? I dunno because I abhor walkthroughs, so it’ll probably be really hard to pick up where I left off if/when I ever do and I may just start all over.)
  • 4 playlists I’ve made on Spotify (Only two I would actually listen to again that contain roughly 2,000 songs and it tells me about 133 hours of music.)
  • Following 210 people/artists on Spotify while only 29 people follow me (wouldn’t think anyone would care what I was listening to anyway.)
  • Social Media:
    • Facebook and Pages for my tattoo stuff and my father’s pool hall Crown Billiards. 523 friends, I follow about 10 (see my phone contacts section for a usual breakdown of how many of these people I’d actually know or ever hangout with), then the rest are people I had to put on special lists so they wouldn’t see any pictures posted of me because they’d be creeps about it/I don’t want them to know me any better than whatever made me accept their friend request at all.
    • Twitter. Following 126, Followers 63. Not bad considering the majority of every “tweet” comes from one of my other social medias. Zero thought. Just a click of that twitter button and this account is in business.
    • Google Plus. Not even worth it to check to see if anyone does follow me no here. Yeah, who cares, it comes along with every gmail address, it doesn’t even link up with many of my other social medias, but it does link up with WordPress, which is what this site runs on so any posts I make here will be duped on to the google plus in case anyone cares, if ever to check it.
    • Tumblr. much like google plus, who cares, I started it, mostly because I just wanted to get my name more out there. Start my online kingdom of self obsessed rhetoric that makes no difference in the world at all. It’s reposts of things from here and moving on to:
    • Instagram, this simple platform is where most of the content/posts on any of the other social media’s come from. Upload pictures, hashtag some silliness in a ploy to get more followers, it’s the perfect scheme and faster with less thought necessary than the rest. Mostly I use it to shamelessly promote myself, to force myself to remember where I am, much like this post, with my life/apprenticeship/job/family. And to enjoy the fact that my nephew is pretty damned cute, and it’s easier to save his pictures through this platform then to actually scroll through a thousand nonsense screenshots and dumbness that’s actually in my phones photo albums.
  • 28 years of life on this planet
  • a 46″ waist
  • a 56″ hips (and it’s a pain to find pants that fit well)
  • a 54″ bust (and it’s a pain to find bra’s that fit well)
  • 118 pounds to lose to get to my goal weight of 150. I go to weight watchers with a friend who is supportive and track my food and sometimes I exercise, I should get back to doing yoga that made me feel pretty good, but I’m a lazy piece, I need to get re-motivated.

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