WordPress & My Website

WordPress & My Website

As you guys probably realized by now, this website is running through WordPress, my favorite ease of use CMS. It was actually on behalf of my friend Laura Sly that we sat down and watched tutorials on how to maintain and create custom themes. We had been working together and needed to create sites which didn’t require us to make actual HTML changes to update, trying to get the account managers in on making small price changes and adding products with the simple interface.

Although that didn’t work so well at that particular company, the effort we put in to build the sites, taught me so much it actually got me a job at a different company which makes car dealership sites with intricate inventory feeds within the WordPress platform and custom plugins built specifically for the company by a great PHP programmer. There I got to expand my PHP developing to terminal based scripts to clean up the huge inventory feeds as well as helping with the WP plugin code. This included getting my hands on using Github and since I’ve moved on to even another company, those Github concepts and failures then helped me become the organized developer I am today.

Now I’m kept pretty busy with my full-time job and my tattooing apprenticeship, so I don’t get much time to make as many blog posts on here as I would like. I also get bored with the custom themes I have built in the past and I’m a huge fan of the Pinterest masonry style so I like finding free clean WP themes by amazing developers to use and I sparingly customize them to my preferences. As of right now I’m using a theme by Colorlib.

I also have Jetpack installed and they sent me this adorable end of year summary of this site.
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I hope for 2015 to have many more posts about art, tattoo, design, crochet, and a ton more comments from my friends and readers!

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