HCG Drops Diet

HCG Drops Diet

A few months ago my family was trending with a diet that Doctor Oz had talked about.
It all started with my cousin Lucy, who lost an amazing amount of weight and looks amazing because of it. “What’s your secret?” And she had been taking HCG Drops under her tongue (there’s another type when you get injections) and eating a 500 calorie a day diet with only specific foods.

These drops are filled with some hormones (found in pregnant women) that suppress appetite and give you the nutrients you need, so the 500 calories of food intake a day are assisted by these drops so your body doesn’t get malnourished and fail.

So last year my brother was getting married and my mother wanted to look great in her dress sooo she started using these HCG drops as well. She lost about 30 pounds in two months (which is super fast) and looks amazing.

A few months ago, my dad decides he wants to lose weight and my mom wanted to go back on the drops so they started again together for two months. Both of them lost more weight, my dad about 30 pounds and my mom only 15 this time, but she was already still pretty slim from the original time she used the drops last year.

I decided, it’s about time I lose some weight too. So I get some drops.
You have to keep them refrigerated.
Two drops under your tongue: morning, noon and night.
No problem. Eat 500 calories by weighing all your food. No problem I packed my lunches and made my tiny dinners, ignoring my boyfriend and his fast food all the time.
When I was hungry though I would munch on some celery. Also not a problem.
I lost around 5 pounds, if that.
My scale was digital and the fluctuation between morning and night was literally like night and day, 10 pounds heavier or lighter. So clearly, it was broken/wrong whatever.
But yeah first week went by and I was like feeling good, sticking to the plan, feeling like maybe my pants are a little looser already. But NOPE.
After a full 3 weeks of 500 calorie bullshit, I measured myself again and not any changes. It was very discouraging because this diet worked for everyone else in my whole family.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the drops didn’t work for me because I have never been pregnant. Now yeah. the diet works for men, who clearly haven’t been pregnant but their bodies would never make the hormone in the first place. My body just didn’t understand what to do with the hormone.
I figure this is the case because out of all the 30+ people in the family and within my friend group that I spoke to about it, all of those women have had children. I am the only one without kids and the only one that the diet did not work for.

So overall review, I would not do this again.
And I suggest, if you are a woman, you make sure you have a kid before attempting this. Because it’s legit 500 calories a day and that’s a lot of work especially if it doesn’t work.