An Intro and "Dirty Girl"

An Intro and "Dirty Girl"

Welcome to my first ever movie post!

First I’d like to start off with a short intro about myself in regards to movies, just so you all (I bet no one will read this) have some background info on me, to understand where I might be coming from when I’m reviewing things.

I’d have to say one of my favorite movies of all time is “Stranger than Fiction”, it’s a movie that I could watch anytime, a perfect mix of dark humor and romance, that always puts a smile on my face.
And if I had to say which director I enjoy the most, I think I’d have to go with Tim Burton, his style and visuals are always spot on, setting the certain mood needed for his plot lines. It’s understandable since I grew up watching “Batman”, all the time. To this day my mother wonders why she let a 9 year old watch such a dark movie. But I’m sure it was just the start of my love for movies.

Speaking of which, lets get on with talking about a movie I just finished watching today: “Dirty Girl”
This was a movie my mother borrowed from a coworker of hers, and I hadn’t ever heard of it before, I definitely made a joke about how it was probably a porno.

Tonight my mother and I sat down and watched it together as I completed the last finishing touches to this site.

This movie was an unexpected delight, even though that sounds silly, delight is really the perfect word to describe it. The story is about a high school girl, opportunely named Danielle, a very slutty high school girl, who after getting transfered to a new class, finds an unexpected friend in the form of a chubby boy, Clarke, who is struggling with his sexuality. On their quest to find themselves and complete a school child caring project, they fight and bond over some crazy “Thelma & Louise”-esque plot points.
I recommend watching this movie when you are on the look out for grinning like a fool and listening to an amazing soundtrack.

Anyone who watches this movie after my recommendation, please please comment on how fantastic “Baby Joan”‘s expressions are!