"A Song of Ice and Fire"

"A Song of Ice and Fire"

I started reading the book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” about 2 years ago.
My friends Kevin and Ben actually turned me onto the series when I asked them if there were any fantasy books they recommended. Their recommendation was intense and they own the books so I borrowed the first three from them, and bought the fourth book “A Feast For Crows” in hardcover. (Side note: who doesn’t love owning, holding, reading from hardcover books?!)

I just finally finished the fourth book, which took me about all of 6 months to read. It was just dragging and I guess I wasn’t really feeling all the new characters that were just being introduced so far into the plot lines I already craved. (I would flip through pages to make sure where the Arya chapters were and used to guess at how long it would take me to get to them, obviously my favorite parts of the books.)

I also watch the HBO’s series “Game of Thrones”. Which is alright, it’s not fantastic, mostly because I have my own internal thought on what the characters should look like and sound like (Which is the issue with every book they make a movie or show out of). BUT I also watch it with Charlie who hasn’t read nor will ever read the books, and because of that, I honestly believe the series scripts don’t do the books justice because it’s confusing. They take parts out or gloss over things that were really really meaningful in the books!
(I’m not gonna say it straight out but… biggest let down with Arya in the end of the second season. People who know. KNOW. It was bad.)

A few days ago I used my credit card thank you points to buy myself a Barnes & Noble Nook.
This is the main reason I had to finish the fourth book.
I want to move on in technology and read some electronic books!
The Nook has this cute feature that you can get electronic library books so long as you have a library card (who doesn’t?) and I plan on scoping out the situation as soon as it arrives.
Hopefully the library already has the fifth book in this series “A Dance with Dragons” and I can just get my fill of George R.R. Martin for the next year.
Then wait another 4 years for the next installation. HA.

Update 11/17: A comprehensive guide on how to watch the show Game of Thrones!