Free Crochet Penis Pattern

Free Crochet Penis Pattern

Inspired by the brilliant yarn art by @notyournanasyarnwork

and @bigmouthnetflix Maury the hormone monsters lil fuzzy penis pals 😂😂😂

round 1: I begin at the top, with two stitches then I single crochet (sc) five times in the first one to make a circle around.

round 2: sc twice in each of the six sc’s from the first circle to double the circle, should leave you a total of 12sc’s around this round

round 3: now, depending on how large you’d like the tip to be, you can do another widening row around adding more sc’s but not as many as the previous row, for instance: [sc 2 in one, sc, sc 2 in one…] around.

round 4… Once the tip is as wide as you’d want it by adding stitches, now we crochet the shaft as a column around, so if you had 12st’s around at your tip you just repeat that down to the length you’d like.

In the video, I did about ten rounds.

round 14: Now that the shaft is done, we start widening the round again, [sc 2 in one, sc, sc 2 in one…] around.

Row 1 & 2: And then we crochet only half of the round and turn so we are only working on one testicle, widening as we go, [sc 2 in one, sc, sc 2 in one…] chain one and turn, repeat this at least twice or for as how big you’d like your ball to be on this one side.

Row 3: When you deem it wide enough, sc across the row, chain one, and turn.

Row 4…: We will be reducing stitches now so we can shape the bottom of the ball. [sc across two sc’s from the previous row (scdec), sc, scdec] across, chain one and turn

I repeat this until the row is only two stitches, and then I cut the yarn and fasten it off with a slip stitch.

Okay now we start back at the last round of the shaft, the half we didn’t stitch on for that first ball, reattach your yarn, and follow from Row 1 above.

When you get to Row 4… where the stitches are down to just two, fasten off and stuff your crochet penis.

Reattach your yarn to the last round of the shaft right between the two balls and stitch the two balls together to the other side fasten off on the other side of the round.

Fasten your yarn near the tip and sc down a couple of rows and then around the row you decide to turn on, fastening off to the turn you took creating the head of the penis.

Tuck all loose yarn tails into the penis. And there you have it, the basic pattern I followed for the crochet penises shown in my video.
Hope the instructions make sense, I typically just wing it these days with my crochet patterns these days, going with the shape in mind and not really counting.