"The Wire"

"The Wire"

On the huge kick from watching the entire 7 season series of “Homicide: Life on the Street”, Charlie and I moved on to watch “The Wire”.

This series has a link with “Homicide” through writers, producers, and actors. “The Wire”s plot line is still very much about the personal lives of the characters, but the crimes are focused on drugs rather than murders. Using wire taps on drug dealer phones being the driving force to the series titles.

The characters they focused on were not only police and politicians, but the criminals themselves. Seeing young boys on the street slinging drugs, with stresses that upper middle class kids know nothing about. Seeing the head of the associations, dealing not only with the sketchy back-end of their drug trade or city, but with family issues and responsibilities. With the variety of characters to choose from, there is someone for everyone to like, love, and hate, possibly all at the same time for the same character!

“The Wire” was definitely a good watch, but it didn’t have the pose and impact that “Homicide” did. I have to say this only because there were many episodes of Homicide that I truly will always remember. The Wire, although having a more humorous side to it, was just a good show to watch. Intriguing while you were in the midst of it, and now that I’ve watched it all, it’s just over and done.

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