Ideal Protein Diet So Far

April of 2016 I started this diet called Ideal Protein. My friend, had a friend who had started it (about two months I think before me) and it was working~


Welcome, I am Danielle.

A web designer and developer who occasionally paints and draws and tattoos and crochets.

I have this site to keep my sanity (maybe to show of, go ahead and judge me haha), so at least I know where all my good portfolio pieces are and an updated resume, squared away and ready for anything.

View my resume by clicking here!

Otherwise, I use this site as a small uncool blog (as of right now).
I like to talk/write about food, crafty projects, movies, TV series, maybe sometimes a little music, and when I’m feeling very daring and sophisticated, politics (this really hasn’t happened yet and I’m guessing may not).

I sincerely hope you enjoy the site.
I tried to make it as simple, bunny inspired and non-offensive to the eye.
Though, I won’t be sad if you came to this site by mistake and now you’re just a dirty little bounce rate.

Crazy Fad Diet.

Tomorrow I am going to start some weirdo fad diet that’s all over the internet. It might be a total disaster but I figured I would document it, at least~

HCG Drops Diet

A few months ago my family was trending with a diet that Doctor Oz had talked about. It all started with my cousin Lucy, who lost an amazing amount of~